My cousin and his wife welcomed a baby girl into the world today. She's beautiful and honestly, I must say that it is a little unfair to see these beautiful women give birth and look amazing afterwards. They are doing the Duggar thing I think. Not that it's trendy or anything, but they want to have as many kids as God will give them.

Who am I to say anything? I was scared to death when I decided to adopt a cat- even more freaked when "a" cat turned into 2. But, now I help oversee 2 beautiful girls and I've discovered that children are pretty amazing. I wish I would have had one on my own met someone worthy of having kids with a long time ago. lol

My friend, Juel, who actually is the neighbor I've never had, just had her 4th child. Her babies range from preteen to 1 month. Today she went into a store and was asked,

"So you feel ok bringing all these kids into a world like we live in?"

And my classy friend said, "Children are a light. All the more reason."

Thinking of Tracy's upcoming return from giving birth, and another beautiful lady who is expecting, I have found reason to celebrate life instead of the dread you feel when you are invited to a wedding with no one to bring along.

This is a big step for me, because last year, I wasn't able to go to one of my long time friend's baby shower because it was just too painful. There's something scary when you are faced with someone's happiness and reminded of how your's didn't happen. But there's always tomorrow and even if I never get a chance to bring a light into the world, I have the chance to lift up the one's who are already in this world, ready to shine.

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