One of my crew's favorite places to hang out is Pepito's & Company, Pepito's has turned into the spot that my friends and I go to before concerts or any big event. In fact, Pepito's is basically the place we go for birthdays and celebrations.

We love when Pepito makes it to our table and greets us all with all the love in the world. He makes you feel like a VIP, Pepito just has that personality that makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in the room.

There Has Been Several Rumors Surrounding Shreveport's Favorite Dinner Spot.

Was Pepito's closing down or not? I had seen a post on a popular Shreveport eats Facebook page saying that they heard Pepito's was going to close down. It turns out the rumors were about the namesake of Pepito's & Co stepping away from the business.

There is No More Pepito at Pepito's & Company

Pepito Munoz took to his Instagram and Facebook page Wednesday morning to tell us that his time with Pepito's & Co had run its course. "This is not the end .. Just the beginning and always BELIEVE! Love and Light “.

You can read the statement that Pepito Munoz posted below.

What is next for Pepito? We will follow him wherever he goes and cheer him on. From what we understand Pepito's & Company will continue to run as usual and you can still enjoy all the goodness that Pepito brought to the menu.

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