After seeing the list of Louisiana restaurants people wish were still open on OnlyInYourState, I got to thinking, what restaurants do we miss right here in Shreveport/Bossier City? Here are some of my favorites!

1. Pancho's
I grew up on raising the flag at the Pancho's Mexican Restaurant in Bossier City. As a kid I loved checking out all of the different pinatas and the giant round chandeliers with ash trays for the yellow tinged glass. Waiting in the cafeteria style line for endless flautas and sopapillas was a right of passage in our neck of the woods.

2. The Teddy Bear Den
I loved eating at The Teddy Bear Den on Barksdale Boulevard in Bossier City! Not only were the bears adorable, their burgers were un-bear-ably hard to resist!

3. The Hayride Kitchen
Does anyone else remember the family style dining at The Hayride Kitchen on Benton Road north of Bossier City? Since we were passing the beans and BBQ, the restaurant has been everything from a teen club to a bingo hall!

4. The Hush Puppy Restaurant
I think this Shreveport gem is Savoie's now... Eating at the Hush Puppy on East 70th near the Jimmy Davis Bridge in Shreveport was always a treat. I don't remember it being particularly fancy, but my parents always made us dress up. This restaurant had a little bridge over a water feature that I found endlessly fascinating!

5. The Village Grill
The Village Grill was a long time staple in Shreveport for fine dining. Even though it hasn't been gone long, I already miss it. It was on Louisiana Avenue right next to Monjuni's and was so dark you had to use your cell phone to view the wine list. If you were going for a romantic ambiance, The Village Grill was the place to go. It was my first experience with a visual menu. Yep, I'm that Haughton!

What are some of the other restaurants that you miss in Shreveport/Bossier City? I sure do miss the Jack in the Box we had on Airline Drive by the Pierre Bossier Mall. We used to have a Showbiz Pizza, too! Tell us your favorites and you never know, some enterprising soul may decide to bring one of them back!