Shreveport leaders have been struggling to find an answer to the recent enforcement of liquor ordinances on the books. For many years, these ordinances have not been enforced.

Rueben Wright
Rueben Wright

But Chief Wayne Smith told the Shreveport Council it is his job to enforce the laws that are on the books and that is what he directed his staff to do. It was recently discovered that an ordinance is on the books that says any business selling high content alcohol can only sell alcohol. They would not be allowed to sell anything else, no chips, cigarettes, check cashing or anything. But as a result of this law, several businesses trying to renew their license were told they would have to have a separate entrance to the alcohol side of the business. For many of these small businesses, this was nearly impossible.

What Will Change in Shreveport with Liquor Sales?

Now, the Shreveport Council has voted to completely do away with the separate entrance rule. This means, the big stores like Walmart will be able to sell alcohol of high content in their stores.

Shreveport is the only city in the state that has required a separate entrance for alcohol sales.

Before voting on the separate entrance change, the council turned down a measure to require you to be 21 to go in store that sells high content alcohol. But council members expressed concerns about neighborhoods that are in "food deserts" and the corner liquor store might be the only place young people can go to get snacks or food.


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