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It's hot here, there's no argument about that.  It seems like every summer of my life has been hotter than the last one, but that sounds crazy - right?  Actually, if you look at the latest numbers on temperature in Shreveport - that's exactly the case.

According to the research conducted by weather data experts Climate Central, Shreveport is the #1 city in Louisiana in regards to an increase in days sweltering under 95+ degree temperatures.  In fact, the Ratchet City ranks #13 out of the 242 U.S. cities surveyed in an effort to identify which cities are at the highest risk for an increase in heat-related injuries.  When compared with 1970, Shreveport in 2019 racked up 31 more days with unbearable temperatures.

7 Cities in Louisiana made the list in total - with Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Monroe, New Orleans, Alexandria, and Lafayette all reporting an increase in days with temperatures higher than 95 degrees alongside Shreveport.

According to, most cities in the top-10 of this list are in Texas.  San Antonio, Austin, Victoria all made the top tier - and McAllen, Texas is at number one with a mind boggling increase of 68 more days over 95.

Scientists say that this trend is concerning for lots of reasons, but the most worrisome is it's effect on human health.  According to the National Weather Service, heat is the top weather related reason for death in people, out ranking hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes.

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