Each day, the National Weather Service in Shreveport continues to update the Excessive Heat Warnings for Northwest Louisiana.

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We've had heat index values approaching 110 degrees over the past few days and if The Weather Channel's forecast for the Shreveport area is correct, we could see temperatures soar into the triple digits this week, with Wednesday and Thursday's highs a predicted 104.  And that's before you factor any type of heat index values into the equation.

Again today, the National Weather Service has issued another Heat Advisory until 7:00 pm this evening stating that,

Oppressive heat will continue through the afternoon as highs in the upper 90s combined with higher dew points will result in heat indices of 105-109 degrees or higher.

Of course, here in Northwest Louisiana, we aren't surprised with temperatures this hot, but it is odd that we're experiencing a heat wave of this magnitude this early in the year. It certainly makes a person wonder just what it will be like in July and August around here.

And for those who either work or play in the great outdoors, these temperatures come with an inherent risk.  So please be cautious.  Take plenty of water breaks and don't be afraid to call it a day should you begin to feel faint or weakened.

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