The National Weather Service has issued another "Heat Advisory" until 7:00 this evening, with heat index values up to 109 degrees.

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Does Mother Nature know it's not even July yet? That heartless old hussy probably does and she really doesn't care.

While many of us are able to make a living with all the modern comforts like ice cold air conditioning, many in Louisiana are forced to brave the elements and get out there and sweat for their paycheck.


Without hesitation, I tip my hat to these men and women who spend their afternoons in this sweltering heat to provide goods and services to the rest of us!

These are the people that medical professionals are always talking about when they warn of the health risks associated with this type of heat, and yet, every day, they show up, wipe the sweat from their brows and do what they do!

Thank you for that! Louisiana and America are better because of your commitment to doing whatever it takes, regardless of how hot or cold it might be!

With that in mind, join me in showing your gratitude to The Ten Louisiana Workers Sweating The Most Right Now.

The Ten Louisiana Workers Sweating The Most Right Now

During a summer heat wave like the one gripping Louisiana right now, there are men and women who must endure these extreme temperatures just to make a living. And these have got to be the hottest and sweatiest jobs during a Louisiana summer.

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