May the best high school mascot win!

Gosh, I love mascots. I find myself watching them more than the actual game I'm at sometimes. And when you're a mascot, you can literally do whatever you want and nobody gets mad. It's just "Oh look how funny the mascot is"... "Look he just dumped that guy's drink over his head, how funny!" You can get away with absolutely anything.

Plus, you're the most popular guy or gal in the room.

If you ever need a confidence boost, just put on a ridiculous animal costume and a jersey. BOOM! Instant cool points. It seems contradictory, but it is indeed a confidence boost. I knew quite a few of the people who were on the "Mascot Team" at Baylor. They were sweet people, some pretty quiet, but when they put that costume on it was like a whole new animal... pun totally intended.

So we want to know which high school in our area has the best mascot! Whether they dance the best, look the best, scare the most opponents or make the most people happy, we want you to vote! Of course, to list every single high school out there would be exhaustive, so we narrowed it down to 20 schools, but you can write in your own school if you want.

I didn't grow up in this area, but my high school mascot was the Eagle... Therefore I am partial to Evangel in this competition.

Vote for favorite and tell your friends to do the same.