Here in Shreveport, we understand the value of a name!  Take the name of our "Captains" for example.  We know what that means!  Hard work, dedication and a committment to the community on both sides of the Red River.  We also understand the heart-break of a "bad name".  Can you say Swamp Dragons?  It just burns your eyes to even see it again doesn't it.  Well, in St. Paul, Minnesota I'm just guessing they aren't as picky about their mascot, but they're definitely having fun with it.  The St. Paul Saints minor league baseball team has a "Pig" mascot and they've just named him "Justin Bieboar".  It was the name chosen from 600 entries in their "Name The Pig Contest". Other entries that were submitted include "Oprah Pigfrey", "Squeally Dan", "Shaquille O’Squeal" and "Natalie Porkman".  And this is the same team who already has one mascot, "Mudonna" who's billed as "the divine swine, the diva of the diamond, the duchess of pork"!  Sounds to me like this team probably has a "ton of fun"....Justin Bieboar’s duties will include delivering the baseballs to the home plate umpire.