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If you need any refrigerated items whatsoever, and you stop by the Pines Road Walmart, you will be completely out of luck.

Look, I'm not talking about a little shortage of refrigerated items. I'm not talking about some items being left, but most being gone. I'm talking about any and every single food item that goes in either the fridge or the freezer has been completely wiped out from the shelves at the Pines Road Walmart.

The Walmart in question is one that I have frequented more than any other. This Walmart is located within a stone throw from our studio on Westport Ave. Heck, even before I arrived here at the studio back in 2007, I took many trips to this Walmart as an Evangel student. After countless trips into this location, I must say, I've never once seen anything like this.

I'll take it one step further, I've never seen a sight quite like this at any grocery provider in the Ark-La-Tex. The only sight even remotely comparable would be the great Toilet Paper massacre of 2020.

This seems like a far more serious situation for Walmart and their shoppers than missing toilet paper. For one reason or another, there is not a single refrigerated item currently for sale within the store. Every shelve from the freezers to the open fridges has been wiped completely clean, leaving nothing but price stickers behind.

A Shreveporter popped in and filmed the eerie sight herself and shared it to Facebook. You can find that below!

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