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This is NOT how I saw my day going. When I tell people one of the major reasons why I moved back home to Louisiana is because I never wanted to scoop snow again, I mean it. They usually smile indulgently and look like they want to pat me on the head and tell me how cute I am. Now, I bet they wish they had listened. Snow is the devil.

Our horse barn at the farm was built to last. But, like many across NWLA, our roof collapsed under the weight of accumulated ice and snow. And yes, the horses were in the barn. And my old man Pressure was trapped in his stall with one of the only trusses holding things up being held up by his stall door... the only way out.

Thankfully, we’re all okay through the grace of God and good, fast-thinking people. I don’t know how all six horses came out without a scratch. Makes having three stuck vehicles on the place a little less annoying. Stay home, be safe! FYI, Cody Allen is a bonafide superhero! Thank you, Cody, Savannah, and Chelsea for being so amazing and getting our sweet babies to safety.

Check out the structural damage that happened in my barn and you'll see why regular carports and porch coverings aren't holding up to Winter Storm Uri.

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