The time has come, this is where you nominate your favorite senior citizen for a one of a kind photo shoot. Why are we doing this? Besides the fact that we think it will be totally fun and amazing for your favorite senior, right now is the time that many High School seniors are getting their locations picked out and outfits ready for their Senior photo shoots. That left most of us at Kiss Country hoping that Senior citizens get their day in the spotlight as well. What about the seniors in your life? The seniors that just tell it how it is and keep you laughing and sometimes shocked at what comes out of their mouths? Nominate them below and who knows they could win a photo shoot with JC Robertson Photography and add up to 8 family members into their photo shoot. You can make it as fun of a day as you want to, our buddy at JC Robertson Photography is the best when it comes to fun photo shoots.

Submit your nomination before 11:59 PM on April 16th. Then we move on to round two, where our esteemed panel of judges pick the top five finalists and you vote for the winner on April 18th! So get your nomination in right now. HAPPY NOMINATION DAY!

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