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I'm staring the age of 57 squarely in it's bifocal wearing eyes.  That said, I've discovered that the worst parts of getting older, the ones that people have talked about for years, are absolutely true.

In fact, I've often said that at my age, if it doesn't hurt, it's because it fell off.  There are actually days that even my hair hurts.

The biggest concern for most people entering their golden years is their health.  Their eyes begin to fail, there are heart risks, bunions, gall bladder attacks, all the things they really never thought about at a younger age, begin to command most of their attention.

However, those latter years have some incredible up sides and a recent survey of two thousand people over the age of fifty highlights some of those things.  According to that survey and answers we fielded on the radio, here are the Top Ten Best Parts of Getting Older.

Top Ten Best Parts of Getting Older

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