I was scrolling through my Facebook and I saw something that caught my eye and I had to share with you. A friend of mine who is a registered nurse came up with one of the most thoughtful gifts that we can gift the older folks in our lives. She sees so many patients go in to see the doctor and in some sad cases go into the E.R. and have no information or can't remember their emergency information. How great would it be if there was a cheat sheet that your grandma or grandpa carried around so if anything ever happened to them their doctors could be ten steps ahead of the game? Check out the list that Madison Burke put together.

  1. Get a computer, open word document.
  2. grab all of their medications, type them up. Include the dose, directions on how and when to take them.
  3. Sit down and ask them all of their medical history. Include their hospitalizations, surgeries, and medical diagnosis.
  4. Ask them about their family health history. Does anyone in their family have Alzheimer's etc?
  5. Make sure you have typed their name, their primary doctor, specialists, next of kin, and an emergency contact.
  6. SAVE IT! Save it so they can find it anywhere, in their wallets, purses, cars, on their fridge. Make sure there is a copy within arms reach.

Madison Burke saw a patient of hers have something similar to this and she said it almost brought tears to her eyes and that's when she knew every patient needed one of these. Thank you for sharing this with us Madison Burke, we appreciate you and all of the nurses that are hard at work on Christmas day!


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