Sometimes a tweet catches your eye and your faith in humanity is restored. The staff at an El Paso Whataburger knew that one of their most loyal customers was about to celebrate a birthday. Ed Johnson who lost his wife in 2016 started to visit Whataburger every morning for breakfast. It didn't take Mr.Johnson long before he befriended everyone who worked at Whatabuger. The staff at Whataburger didn't want Mr.Johnson to celebrate his birthday alone, so everyone on the staff pitched in and bought an orange and white cake that said "Happy Birthday Mr.Johnson, Customer #1". The restaurant was decorated and they had balloons up to celebrate the happy go lucky loyal customer.

Ed Johnson's granddaughter Emma Carr took to twitter to share a picture of her grandpa and all his friends at Whataburger. "My grandpa goes to @Whataburger everyday for breakfast so the local workers surprised him today with a cake&balloons for his birthday." Carr's tweet has been re-tweeted over 17 thousand times and one of those re-tweets came from Whataburger. Treating people with respect and taking time to befriend someone who serves you on the daily can go such a long way. Southern hospitality is alive and well. This speaks volumes on how Ed Johnson treats those around him. Happy birthday Grandpa Johnson!

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