Confession.  I hate getting those invitations on Facebook that say "For my birthday I would love for you to donate to" and then the person goes on to talk about some non-profit that they aren't really involved with.

I am all about someone putting their money where their mouth is. That is exactly what Jon Boyd in Florida is doing. Jon is treating his hometown of St. Petersburg to an Ice Cream party. May 29th, Jon's 26th birthday party will be epic and for a great cause.

Jon is renting out an ice cream truck called Softee the King, and the catch is that you help out Birthday Candles for Kids, a non-profit that puts on birthday parties for kids in the foster system and homeless children. The only catch is you also have to help him throw birthday parties for homeless and foster kids. The birthday boy is encouraging ice cream lovers to donate instead of buying the ice cream.

All of a sudden I feel like I need to step up my birthday game. Do you have any good ideas that are hands on so we can celebrate our birthdays for a great cause? We can bring a fun idea like this to our town. Send us your ideas!

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