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Here's some shocking news that could very well scare you to the very core. The McDonald's ice cream machine is broken! Oh, the sheer horror.

Of course, in reality, your first thought was probably, "When was the last time the McDonald's ice cream machine actually NOT broken?"

The broken ice cream machine at Mickey D's has become a fairly standard joke. So common, that McDonald's says they are looking for a new ice cream machine vendor that can offer them a machine that breaks down much less. News flash for McDonald's. The machine isn't really broken. It's just a pain to clean up, so if employees just claim that it's broken, they don't have to clean it.

Well, now that "broken ice cream machine" is actually being tracked nationwide! A new website,, actually keeps tabs on all the United States locations of McDonald's ice cream machines and will let you know whether that location is currently serving ice cream.

The site checks thousands of locations every half hour and if that location of McDonald's will allow you to add "ice cream" to your cart, the assumption is that they are, indeed, serving ice cream.

Oh, and just for giggles, I checked the Shreveport, Bossier and Haughton areas, and if this website is correct, all of our McDonald's are currently serving ice cream.

Obviously, that is not a guarantee the machine won't be broken by the time you get to that location to pick up your McSundae or McFlurry, but it will certainly give you a little leverage to have a discussion with that employee who swears the machine is broken.

So, let the ice cream ordering begin!

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