Just when you thought it was safe to start enjoying your ice cream again, a Florida woman has raised the bar on tainting our favorite frozen treat.  The only comfort here is that this disgusting crime occurred in the Sunshine State (where this kind of craziness belongs).

66 year old Jung Soon Wypcha was arrested earlier this week in the beautiful vacation town of Indian Hills for rendering over $2,000 in ice cream inedible.  After reviewing evidence from the store's video surveillance system of Wypcha "spitting, urinating and picking her nose into containers," at a very popular summer spot called Lu Lu’s Ice Cream shop.  

According to the report, Wypcha runs the Indian Shores Food Mart next door and the two businesses share a bathroom.  The arrest affidavit claims that she used the restroom and didn't wash her hands, then immediately walked to the freezer where the ice cream was stored and shoved her hands into the containers on multiple occasions.  According to the Tampa Bay Times, Wypcha also picked her nose into the containers and urinated into a bucket used to churn ice cream before dumping it into a sink containing utensils like serving scoops.  Lu Lu’s had no choice but to lock it's doors.

The contaminated ice cream has been destroyed and, after a thorough sanitizing, the shop has reopened.  Meanwhile, Wypcha has been charged with criminal mischief and tampering with consumer products - both felonies.

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