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As the father of three sons, I think I'm pretty well versed on gross. I've seen some really nasty injuries, cuts, breaks, you name it, some gross stuff.

I've seen attempts at humor with everything from dog feces to rancid diapers.  There's been barfing, farting and every other bodily function known to man. I've smelled smells that will scar you for life and those memories still haunt me in my sleep.  I've witnessed enough to safely claim the title of "Grossness Expert."

I mention this to say that when I consider the "grossness" of something, I would have a completely different set of "Gross Determining Factors" or GDF for the educated grossness observer, than what the Career Experts at Zippia used to determine which were the grossest states in all of America.

However, these were the factors they utilized as overall grossness gauges:

  • Air quality
  • What percentage of the state's area is used for landfills
  • Flu rates
  • Percentage of people searching Google for "mayo recipes"
  • How many people wear Crocs

What? Mayo recipes and people wearing Crocs? Are you kidding me?

Where's the "Car Count of Booger Pickers at Traffic Signals?"

How about the Google searches for "Does this look infected?"

Of course the survey wouldn't be complete without the "Number of dirty diapers lying in grocery store parking lots."

There's no way Texas should be anywhere near 5th place.  And Louisiana comes in at 16th, which was nearly twice as gross as California at 31st?

Come on. I've been to Los Angeles and I understood why it was so smoggy. It's actually a protective eye camouflage to prevent you from having to look directly into the toothless smile of another crack head.

I'm not buying it!

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