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In 1979, Louisiana became a 'no-fault' divorce state. Now, 44 years later, members of the Louisiana Republican party are considering legislation to change that. I learned about this today while scrolling through Reddit.

Wikipedia defines a no-fault divorce as, 'the dissolution of a marriage that does not require a showing of wrongdoing by either party.' In short, you can divorce with a no-fault divorce in a shorter amount of time, with fewer headaches, lawyers, and money. The flip side would be a divorce where one of the petitioners would have to prove the other party committed a breach of the marital contract... and that's where things get sticky.

While I realize why the Louisiana GOP is in support of strong marriages and agree with a lot of their principles, personally, I think there are too many downsides to walking back the no-fault divorce. Those who are wealthy will always be able to afford a good attorney and at the end of the day, that's all some people will need, right? But we're dealing with people's families here and should tread lightly. Here's the thread I found on Reddit. The commenters posed some interesting views.

Louisiana Republican Party considers backing elimination of no-fault divorce
by u/DeathCabforBonzo in Louisiana

Humbly, I submit that eliminating no-fault divorces would develop an increase in conflict and hostility in the home and have a negative impact on any children. I also believe it would negatively impact both parties financially in addition to creating an even greater backlog in the judicial system. I also think it would cause more people to air their dirty laundry in public and be harmful to mental health. Not to mention the potential for abuses of the system...

What are your thoughts on the subject? I think we can all agree that marriage is something that should be entered with serious intentions, but I'm not sure that making it more difficult to get out of is the answer to strengthening our state's core values. Shoot me a message using our free app or an email at

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