As someone who is obsessed with the existence of Bigfoot, I thought I knew everything I could about this mysterious beast. Apparently not because according to Week in Weird, there is this new theory that suggests that the reason no one can actually find Bigfoot is because he is a ghost.

Week in Weird says "despite hundreds – if not thousands – of reported Sasquatch sightings each year, we still can’t find a body. Bigfoot is a ghost."

This is leaving people extremely confused.

Dazed and Confused
Matt Archer/Getty Images

The connection to Bigfoot being a ghost is centered around the paranormal elements that come along during Bigfoot sightings. Something I didn't know was that several Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings also witnessed mysterious lights at the same time. That isn't the only thing, researchers are also including how foot prints just randomly disappear into the middle of nowhere and during hunts they have experienced electronic malfunctions the same way you would during a ghost hunt.


I don't think I agree with Bigfoot being a ghost. Mainly because no one really knows if he is even real. We hear these stories about this creature that lurks in the woods. We see the blurry photos and videos. I hope that Bigfoot real. I want to live in the world where Bigfoot is just chilling in the woods somewhere.

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