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First and foremost, I love Dollar General!  Please don't let my next statement make you think otherwise, but how many do we need in the Shreveport/Bossier City area?  It seems like the DG or a Family Dollar stores are getting close to outnumbering liquor stores and churches in the SBC!

OK, so there's not that many, but there are quite a few.  I just did a quick search on Google Maps, and there are so many dots on this map - it looks like my computer has chickenpox!  Take a look!

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

Well, I hope you love them too - because we're getting another one!

According to a report from the Shreveport Times, a brand new Dollar General location just opened this morning in Bossier City.  The new store at 5500 Barksdale Boulevard in South Bossier reportedly has the company brand new look with "stylish, on-trend décor and an expanded party preparation selection."  If you're reading into this like I am, that means this might be the perfect place to dash into for those last minute Halloween accruements on October 31st that you forgot to grab during your last 30 trips to the store!


On top of your last-minute celebration supplies, DG is pretty awesome for grabbing what you need quickly - that means without having to fight the crowd at packed places like Walmart and Target.  Honestly, there's one right in front of my house (like within walking distance) and it's ridiculous how many times I go there every week!


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