As country music mourns the gut-wrenching loss of one of our biggest icons, we continue to focus on all the positives of the life of Toby Keith.

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From his early days when he first came to our area and did a concert at the old Cowboys to his later years when he showed his patriotism and respect for American soldiers like those airmen stationed at Barksdale, Toby was always a superstar to those of us in Louisiana.

And it would appear that he was somehow drawn to our area. In fact, it was exactly ten years ago, in January of 2014, that Toby made a huge announcement that was music to Bossier City's ears.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ACM
Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ACM

Toby announced that in the summer of 2014 he would begin construction of a 10,000 square foot bar and restaurant at Pierre Bossier Mall.

It would be Louisiana's first ever "I Love This Bar & Grill" and the restaurant was making plans to open by the end of 2014.

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

But, as the summer of 2014 approached, and no construction had begun, many began to wonder about the cause for delay.

It was almost like Toby had ghosted Bossier City. Month after month rolled by with absolutely no news. The bar would certainly not open by the fall of 2014. In fact, it wasn't until the following summer, in July 2015, that we finally got the news.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

It wasn't good news for Toby fans and it certainly didn't explain much.  You might recall the story published by,

Country music singer Toby Keith is no longer bringing his restaurant to Bossier City.

According to mall representatives, the restaurant failed to meet its construction obligations.

They're now looking for a new tenant to move into the space.

Toby Keith American flag
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

That was all we got.  Toby's bar wasn't coming and it was because "the restaurant failed to meet its construction obligations."  Left us with the same feeling we got every time Momma answered, "Maybe."

Though we never got any additional info, the fact remained, I Love This Bar & Grill would not be in Bossier, but we can all boast that it almost happened.

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