It's no secret that Louisiana roads can cause a huge headache. I was once told by a friend to never get caught without gas in my vehicle, not because I could run out of gas while I was heading somewhere, but because "traffic can last several hours.".

I was once caught on 220 behind a huge wreck and had nowhere to go.

I was stuck. Even though I was only stuck for an hour, panic started to set in. Did I have enough gas? Would I have to shut off my car to conserve gas? I was starved with no food in my car, and an hour felt like an eternity.

Getting stuck in a wreck in Louisiana basically means you need to be ready to kill some time.

At least we don't deal with the southern part of the swampland and have to rely on bridges to get around to just about everywhere. recently highlighted a "Louisiana Legend" for making the most of a 5-hour hold-up. According to, the fishing legend got caught up in the  I-10 Bonnet Carré spillway bridge that runs about 2.7 miles over a portion of Lake Pontchartrain. Think of it this way there is no getting off once you’re on. Your car better be filled up with gas or you need to shut it off completely.

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