Let's just go ahead and file this under the oddest headlines we have ever seen.

Louisiana Diaper-Fetish Man Arrested When He Tries to Scam People

Louisiana State Police have arrested Rutledge Deas IV a 31-year-old man from Metairie, Louisiana.

Why Did This 31-year-old Man Get Charged with Human Trafficking?

Well, it's really weird. Deas' diaper fetish is what got him locked up. Well more like he tried to scam people to get his diaper changed.

According to Louisiana State Police, Rutledge Deas IV claimed he was in some form of "alternative therapy" and tried to get people to change his diapers. Deas also tried to get the victim to recruit other "babysitters" to care for him.

Why Did Louisiana State Police Already Know Who Deas Was?

According to WDSU.com, back in November of 2019, Deas was arrested after he acted like he had special needs and was hiring multiple people to act as caregivers and change his diaper all while treating him like a child.

There could have been a unique way for Deas to enjoy his very odd kink to not be arrested. Diaper fetishism is not common, but it's also not unheard of. "Diaper lovers" wear diapers for sexual or erotic reasons, and not every case requires infant-like behavior.

What was the crime that Deas committed? He didn't have a consenting adult involved in this perverted kink. The people helping Deas thought they were helping a mentally challenged adult who needed to use diapers.

He was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on one charge of human trafficking along with attempted human trafficking. Keep in mind this investigation is open while authorities wait to see if other victims come forward.

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