All too often, those of us who live here in the Bayou State tend to focus on the negatives.

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We seem to gravitate towards the negative headlines concerning our high crime rate, perceived lack of education and the overall health of Louisiana's residents.

Photo by Gary McCoy
Photo by Gary McCoy

While most would concede that we certainly have some areas that need a considerable dose of improvement, there is still one area where Louisiana can hold its own. We apparently still are the Sportsman's Paradise, and now a website has released some research to back up our claim to this elite status. Says Louisiana Is The Best State For Fishing In America has just released the results of their piece on the Best States For Fishing, and unsurprisingly, Louisiana was at the very top of the class.


According to info from the American Sportfishing Association, fishing is huge across the country with an estimated 74 million anglers spending an annual $51.2 billion in retail sales each year.  In fact, if fishing were a company, it would rank #51 on the Fortune 500.

How Did They Arrive At This Result?

Conducting their research, used a number of variables to determine the overall score for each state including the license cost, square miles of water available for fishing and fishing retail sales.

Some areas where Louisiana can boast included the following:

  • Overall score of 83.6 with scores of at least 89 in three different categories
  • 9,174 square miles of fishing waters
  • 775,308 licensed anglers
  • $10 annual fishing license for residents
  • $1.9 billion in fishing retail sales last year

These Are The Top 5 States For Fishing According To

  1. Louisiana - 83.6
  2. Wisconsin - 78.7
  3. Minnesota - 78.4
  4. Oklahoma - 73.1
  5. Maine - 72.2

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