You only "thought" were were full of bull....but this morning we proved it!!  If you were listening to the "Gary and Julie Morning Show" we reported that the Bossier Sheriff’s Office and Louisiana Livestock Brand Commission were asking motorists and residents to be on the lookout for a loose bull in the Haughton area.  

Well, that bull has been caught and is being happily returned to his greener pastures, no worse for the wear.

A 1,500 pound, 2-year-old white Charolais bull got loose from its owner’s trailer while at an animal clinic on the 5600 block of Highway 80 in Haughton around noon yesterday.  The bull had been last seen heading south into the woods behind the clinic.

After a long night of searching and keeping motorists apprised of the bull's possibility of wandering onto the highways during the night hours, a group of cowboys wrangled the wandering bull in Haughton Thursday morning not far from where it got loose.

The Bossier Sheriff's Department thanks all for their support in this effort and is thankful for the happy ending.  And that's no bull. (Sorry, could resist)

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