This morning we had a Leg Wrestling competition in the hallways. I know we all probably sound crazy, we get that a lot. Hillary has been crowned our Leg Wrestling Champion, since she dominated all her leg wrestling competitors. Hillary's final match was against Mary Catherine.  When a video of Hillary taking on Mary Catherine was posted, Greg who loves wrestling noticed something in the video and riled up many people in the office. Greg claims that Hillary grabbed the doorway while leg wrestling against Mary Catherine, thus making the leg wrestling match an unfair one.

Hillary is claiming that her hand can't be seen in the video frame, and she claims she is being falsely accused by Greg. In order to make a decision, we need you to watch the video closely and vote. If the public decides that Hillary did in fact cheat a rematch will be scheduled promptly. We are all about fairness here, help us put this accusation to rest. Does Greg have a point? Did Mary Catherine lose to a cheater? Watch and vote below.

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