Honestly I hate to say this but I hope this venture is a huge failure, not because of anything to do with LaVar Ball but because of the impact this could have on countless teens. With young players out of high school already looking to jump to the NBA after one year this will only push more away from school. This is surely a response to LaVar taking his son's out of UCLA and High School to focus on Basketball.

Ball's plan is to start a 10 team league with around 80 players that'll play in NBA arenas around the country to put the players right in front of scouts every game. This Junior Basketball Association reportedly will be funded by the Big Baller Brand and will also pay the young players. LaVar says players will be paid between $3,000 and $10,000 a month which is something many have said NCAA schools should do as well.

So far no venues or players have been signed and many other aspects still need to be worked out but let's be honest the details of things like that won't stop LaVar Ball from believing it's the greatest idea out there.

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