The memories of that dreadful day are as clear as if it were yesterday.  We promised as a country to "NEVER FORGET" and to be perfectly honest,  I don't think we could forget even if we wanted to.  Hopefully we learned something from that devastation and will never allow it to repeat.  If you'd like to share your memory just shoot me an email at Today's reflection comes from our weekend staffer, Howard Hart.

I woke up about 7:00 a.m., thankful for another "safe" day of freedom and liberty as a United States Citizen -- I was doing laundry and turned on the television. After flipping through a few channels, I began to realize "This is more than a fire at the World Trade Center." Once the gravity, magnitude and scope of the event became clear, I remember thinking "This is difficult to believe: Pearl Harbor all over again...and the yellow-tailed coward SOBs who thought this up should have their asses kicked!" After about an hour, I couldn't watch it because, to borrow Herbert Morrison's quote from the Hindenburg Fire, "Oh, the humanity!" As time has moved on from it, as you ask me today, I am reminded of what I've heard General Dwight D. Eisenhower observed when liberating the living of The Holocaust: "Get the pictures, get the film in case some bastard tries to deny it ever happened." Today I say, look at the pictures, listen to the audio record; always remember the Citizens, not trained for combat, who lost their lives because of fascists who detest that we are blessed with liberty to live free. There was little more I could do that day but keep abreast of the event bit by bit, and pray for the innocents and rescuers. I grieved when the Towers collaped and hoped for sure, swift retribution.

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