Everyone loves Judge Judy! Well at least the comedian Amy Schumer and I do. Schumer was spotted as an audience member recently and the internet had a blast with it. Let the record show that I would love to fill in and be an extra in the honorable Judge Judy's courtroom! Maybe we love that fact that she doesn't allow any form of BS in her courtroom, maybe it's a woman in power thing. Point is, Judge Judith Scheindlin has a heart. You're probably used to seeing Judge Judy yell in court and have her hard and fast rules at all times. She couldn't possibly have a soft spot right? Wrong! A 2012 clip resurfaced and Judge Judy now has many new dog loving fans!

The case is a he said, she said, the defendant claimed she had purchased the dog of the street. The plaintiff claimed it was his dog and had multiple pictures to prove it. How'd the judge make her decision on who Baby Boy the toy poodle belonged to? "Madame, listen to me carefully. Put the dog down. Put the dog down!" just like that the little nugget of energy jumped and ran to the rightful owner. The plaintiff started crying and we all got the feels. Judge Judy Justice.

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