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Jenifer Richards has a heart of gold. In spite of having long, hard hours working as a nurse, and raising her own child, that "golden heart" wouldn't allow her to turn away from another child in need, and it's that heart that Susan Jackomin so admires.

Just one glance at the letter Susan wrote us and you'll easily understand why Jenifer is this week's recipient of the Kiss Country Caught in the Act Award.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances Jenifer has stepped in and has taken custody and pending adoption of my grand baby. She is giving Luci a loving and safe home where she is so loved; allowing me just to be a "mamo" to that precious little girl. Jenifer does all of this while raising her own 12 year old son and nursing at Oschner's with very long hours. Jenifer's husband is a tug boat captain in South Louisiana and is gone as much as he is home and she truly makes it all work. She is very active at Cypress Baptist Church and is raising these children in a religious, safe environment where they both are flourishing. I am forever and eternally grateful for her sacrifice and care for her patients and mostly her being so unselfish into opening her home to my precious grand baby. These are the reasons I nom inate Jenifer Richards.

Jenifer Richards, thank you for being an inspiration to us all and a big reason why this is the greatest place in America to live!

And because you've been "Caught in the Act" the gang at Silver Star have a $100 Gift Certificate for you to come have dinner on them!

Take a listen to the phone call we made to Jenifer to let her know that she was this week's Caught In The Act Award recipient.

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