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If this Mardi Gras will be your first time to yell, 'Throw me something, mister' in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA, this guide is for you!

What are the unspoken rules/hints to having a great Shreveport Mardi Gras parade day experience?

Shreveport Reddit user u/Friendly_Buy_2926/ hit up the local page to ask for the low down on how to navigate Mardi Gras parades here in northwest Louisiana. I was pleasantly surprised, as a fan of Mardi Gras, by how spirited and positive the conversation became. The advice is sound and I know other people will benefit from this insider knowledge. Let's take a look at what they had to say.

Shreveport Reddit users tell all when it comes to Shreveport Mardi Gras parades.

User MyyWifeRocks shares some tips in case you want to leave early:

If you’re wanting an earlier night for Gemini or Centaur then you can set up on Clyde Fant near downtown. The parade starts there so it’s over first. All the floats still have throws then too. Sometimes near the end they’ve run out.

This user is 100% accurate. Our next response hit the nail on the head as well. Your parade day experience will vary greatly depending on where you are located on the route.

Here's what user DyslexicFcuker had to say as far as picking which parades to hit:

The two big Saturday parades are fun, Centaur and Gemini. Also check out the Highland Parade on Sunday. We usually pick one of the Saturdays and then the Sunday Highland parade.

Looking for adult fun or family friendly fun? Here's what advice SteveFU4109 had to offer:

Avoid ShrveCity unless your into madness. No flashing is allowed. The parkway is the more family friendly area. The paid spots, you have to be on a waiting list, they are just as wide as a car and they are by the duck pond.

Highland is the most family friendly area.

Don't know where to park? General rule: use logic and don't block people's driveways. Here's what user BendyDwyat:

if you decide to park on a street in a neighborhood along the route, please be conscientious and considerate. Some people are dicks and pack the streets. I know enough to not go out that day but if I had to, some people almost block in the people who live there. Don’t park across the street from someone’s driveway. It should go without saying but just so it’s been noted.

As you can tell, the different Krewe's parades are all vastly different. Here's to having a great time and letting the good times roll like a native! Happy Mardi Gras, y'all! BTW, if you're looking for the scoop on where to find some of the different king cakes available in the area, as well as specialty ones from south Louisiana, keep reading the thread. There are some great suggestions.

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