The Brookshire Grocery Arena Has Made Multiple Changes to Better Our Concert Experiences.

The biggest change that had so many people freaking out was back in early October we were told we would have to pay $12 for parking. The new parking program uses the ParkMobile App, you can scan the QR Code, or text the number that can be found on signage throughout the arena's parking lots. If you park downtown you are probably already familiar with this app.

Now the Brookshire Grocery Arena Is Saying No More Cash at the Box Office.

If you prefer paying cash when it comes to experiences get ready to start cashing in on credit card points. Starting August 1st you won't be able to walk up with a wad of cash and buy tickets.

We are excited to announce that starting August 1st, the Brookshire Grocery Arena b1BANK Box Office is transitioning to a cashless payment system. In our continuous efforts to enhance your experience, we have implemented this change to provide a more convenient and secure ticket-purchasing process.
All transactions at the b1BANK Box Office will now be conducted using only digital payment methods. This shift to a cashless environment will enable faster and more efficient service, reducing wait times and ensuring a smoother ticketing experience.
We understand this transition may require adjustment, and we are here to assist you.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support as we embrace this change."

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