In the early morning hours of last Friday, July 14, Louisiana had a visitor. A visitor from outer space!

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According to an article from wwltv,

A possible meteor was seen streaking across the sky at about 4:30 a.m. on Friday. The video shows a brilliantly bright fireball lighting up the early morning sky.

The bright light could be seen all across Southeast Louisiana from Chalmette to New Iberia.


The American Meteor Society was flooded with observer reports and is investigating the sighting.

While most of us have seen meteors previously, and this bright light certainly has all the indications of being such, even WWL TV's Meteorologist Payton Malone, stops short of calling it a definite meteor.

WWL-TV Meteorologist Payton Malone says it is possibly a meteor or space debris falling to the earth, but it is hard to say what the bizarre light in the sky was.

Still shot of YouTube Video by The Weather Channel
Still shot of YouTube Video by The Weather Channel

At this point I haven't read of anyone reporting the exact location where the meteor or "space debris" might have made impact or any sightings of a Meteor Impact Crater, but with the sheer volume of digital recording devices in the world right now, one could assume that such a video of the impact exists; unless the meteor is now fathoms deep in the Gulf of Mexico.

I guess that leaves a little room for the argument that this might not have been a meteor crash, but indeed a space craft landing.

Check out the video yourself and see what you think.

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