One of my best friends does a "Dry January" no alcohol whatsoever. It sounds easy, however I always meet up with a friend or two for cocktails or Happy Hour to catch up. My best friends mom swears that she stays looking young because she doesn't eat red meat or drink any form of alcohol. Sounds easy right? If Glammy has been doing it for over 20 years, surely I can do it for a month. My New Year's Resolution? Don't eat red meat and no alcohol for a month!

It had been a long day, my boyfriends family is moving homes and I had volunteered to jump in and help. By the time we finally got around to getting lunch there was only 1 place to eat in this little town in East Texas. We showed up at a BBQ place and without even thinking I ordered brisket tacos. I inhaled the delicious tacos and on my way back to the house I realized, I ATE RED MEAT! I ruined my New Year's Resolution in less than 12 hours. Of course I will not give up so easily, my first time making a New Year's Resolution, I have to try again.

HELP ME! How do you keep you New Year's Resolutions? Is there a trick you use every day to remind you that a certain thing is a no go? How do you stay on top of your new years resolutions? Tell us in the comments below.

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