This morning Gary's "Random Fact of the Day" was: It is impossible to lick your elbow. Well, we found out that it isn't impossible thanks to a phone call from one very talented East Texan, Vannie. Vannie says she can lick both her elbows. This got us to wondering what other interesting talents there are in Kiss Country. . .

Lick Elbow

Tracy's weird talent: She can stick her tongue in her nose. "I discovered my talent on a road trip in high school. We spent the next hour or so laughing as I shoved skittles in my nose and retrieved them with my tongue. Gross, I know. . . but you asked! By the way, I've also been successful with M&Ms and Hot Tamales".

Gary's weird talent: He can flip his tongue all the way around.

Okay, back to this elbow licking business. If you are wondering how in the heck Vannie can lick her elbow, listen as she tells us the secret to her unique talent:

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