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Here in the great state of Louisiana, we are as unique as they come. There's weird. Then there's Louisiana weird. We have Parishes instead of Counties. We're the only state in the US that follows Napoleonic Law. We eat pretty much any critter or creature that moves. We are as unique, weird and strange as the come. So, naturally, our street names are equally weird and strange and unique.

I scoured the state to find actual streets with names that are simply wacky. Actually, scour MAY be too strong of a word. It didn't take much effort at all to find quite a few streets with mind-blowing names. Some of these wonderfully weird streets are located right here in here in Shreveport.

Truly, some of these are just hard to believe. Like, who thought Bruyninckx Road was a good idea? Is that even English? Did Alexandria just randomly decide to name a street in Klingon? It's weird. And that's not even the worst one! Check out the full list of weird, strange and hilarious street names from around the Bayou State below.

While you're checking out this list, just be thankful you don't live on one of these streets. It can't be easy to explain to your family why you moved to a road that sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel. Birdnest Cemetery Road? That doesn't sound ominous or freaky at all.

Hilarious Street Names in Louisiana

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