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This past Veteran's Day, I noticed something curious in the Shreveport-Bossier City area.  Driving home that night, I saw quite a few houses sporting bright-green porch lights.  I've heard that red porch lights can signify an illegal operation (namely prostitution or drugs), and that blue porch lights  are a message of respect and solidarity for police officers and their families - but the green light was a new one for me.

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Every House in Shreveport-Bossier Should Have a Green Porch Light

After some lengthy research, I stumbled upon the Green Light Map project.  This nationwide push is the brainchild of Brennan Morrow and Michael Zeuthen, and it is one of the most worth and wholesome public awareness campaigns I've ever seen.  The pair are encouraging every American who supports the men and women that make up our Armed Forces to show the world by simply replacing their regular porch light with a green one.

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It's Amazing That Something as Simple as Changing a Lightbulb Can Mean So Much

While it may seem like a small thing, the show of support for our military is huge.  When a member of the military sees a green light shining on your porch, it's a reminder of what they are fighting for.  This simple sign of appreciation could mean a lot to a soldier, airman, seaman, Marine, or guardsman who sees it on their way to keep America safe.  And while one would be a pick me up, just imagine the pride we could convey if they drove past a sea of green lights!

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Light Up Your Porch With a Green Light, and Join the Community of Military Supporters in Shreveport

Honestly, I'm on my way to Lowe's to grab a green light bulb right now.  This has to be the easiest way to show how much you care about America's best and bravest.  If you'd like to join this cause and lead the cause in your neighborhood, swap your lights and put yourself on the official Green Light Map here!

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