Friday morning, Tracy Turner quietly slipped into the memories of Kiss Country.  Which, for anyone who listened to Tracy, knew how uncharacteristic this was.  There is nothing quiet about Tracy.  With a personality big enough to fill the Superdome and a wit sharp enough to cut diamonds, she was as loud as any college marching band, and she will be missed.  

Turner and McCoy and Brantley Gilbert

As half of the Turner and McCoy morning show since April of this year, Tracy has earned her way into the heart and lives of thousands.  Constantly throwing daggers in my direction about my misguided attempts at humor or just plain old cantankerousness, Tracy was the perpetual keeper of sanity on the Kiss Country air waves and here on the Kiss Country website.  

Turner and McCoy and Scotty McCreery

She's decided to return to her nursing roots which will allow her to spend more time with husband Steven and their new daughter Finley.  So, what are the plans for Kiss Country.  Listen closely.  We've actually found another "Turner." Julie Turner is coming soon and though she's 180 degrees different from Tracy, she's a whole new breed of entertaining.  Tracy, good luck in your new "old" career....and it's my prayer that I never wake up in an emergency room knowing that it's going to be YOU who's about to perform an enema on me.  We will miss YOU!

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