Oh my goodness, they let the young and impressionable hang out in the radio station! We are part of Zach Lemley's senior project at Haughton High School. And the question has already been asked "Do you really wanna be a DJ"?

Zach Lemley Haughton High School
Zach Lemley, Haughton High School

As part of Zach's senior project at Haughton High School he is spending time interviewing and investigating the art of radio. (We don't know what possessed him to choose radio). He says "Radio seemed like a very interesting topic to explore". And we have to agree with him, radio is always interesting. Turns out it's not all fun and games either, he's grilled us on everything from our educational backgrounds (insert huge laugh here) to our predictions on the future of the radio industry. You'll hear Zach over the next couple of months as he hangs out and further explores radio broadcasting.

Zach Lemley
Zach Lemley of Haughton High School

And to answer our question "Do you really want to be a DJ"? Zach's educational future could take many roads at this point. He has entertained the idea of pursuing an degree in kinesiology or a future as a nurse anesthetist. Zach is awaiting a response from LSU regarding his recent application.

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