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Louisiana graduates are embracing the new trend of including a cash app QR code on their graduation announcements. Is this convenient for gift-givers or presumptuous on the part of grads?

I asked folks via social media what they thought about grads including cash app QR codes on their graduation announcements, both printed and online, and the responses were pretty evenly split between being considered either convenient or presumptuous.

To be fair, I love the convenience of being able to quickly send a grad a quick gift of cash, but I can see where some might find it presumptuous of a grad to 'expect' a gift... especially if you don't know them well.

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Here are a few of the arguments we were given from folks that were 'pro' cash app QR codes for graduates.

Brian Shadow
I always give cash but had a few with Venmo or cash app options and some with an Amazon wish list. I didn’t mind either, actually made it easier on my end.

Nicole Scroggins Plunkett
I think it's convenient. It's not saying you're obligated to give any gift, but everyone knows that Grads prefer cash as their graduation gift! It's just simply saying if you want to send money (like most people do) then here are some convenient options other than a normal check.

Shawna Leong
Convenient. The notes I’ve received with it made it clear that it was not expected though. Quicker and easier than mailing a check!

Meagan Rougeou Henry
Convenient!!! I’d rather CashApp or Venmo than send cash or write a check. I don’t even own a checkbook anymore. I’d have to make a special trip to the ATM across town for cash.

Eddie Horton
Personally, cash is the best thing for a grad, especially a high school one. College is going to be expensive and just having the money for those incidentals is such a good thing. That, or amazon gift cards! QR code isn't a bad idea most of us live in an almost cashless/checkless society anyways.

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However, there are some people who think the practice of including a QR code is presumptuous on the part of the grad. Here's what they had to say.

Debbie Franklin Toddy
Presumptuous. Very. Tacky on the parents' part as well. People have lost tact and just plain manners.

Julie Wrzesinski
If I send it through a cash app, can I include my address for the thank you card? Call me old-fashioned, but I would like a thank you card.
It's all about expectations. If you thought about me enough to send a graduation announcement, then please take the time to acknowledge my gift.

Allison Schad
Tacky. Gift cards and cash are still pretty easy. A Venmo or cash app deposit directly into my account could easily be overlooked. I'm old-fashioned, EVERY gift needs to be personally acknowledged... and not with a text.

Pam Harris Griffith
While in my mind I think it’s a little presumptuous and maybe even tacky... It sure would be convenient and make my life easier!!!

Jason Middlebrook
Seems presumptuous to me.

I'd be interested to hear what you have to say about this new trend. Shoot me a message at

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