Recent posts on social media have sparked outrage among parents, educators, and students over signs and vandalism stemming from a local football rivalry.

Instances of vandalism to student's vehicles have been reported, as well as trespassing and other petty crimes from both of the Shreveport High School's students.

What seems to be getting the most attention, are paper signs containing social media handles, personal information, and slander of all types have been taped up in local parks and other locations by students of the schools.

Credit: Jacob Litton
Credit: Jacob Litton

Many of the reported signs showed bullying, body shaming, and homophobia all aimed at the students of the rivaling high schools. These "prank wars" are nothing new to high schoolers. There have always been instances of someone having a house toilet-papered by a rival school, or even having your yard "forked" was always a classic.

But, the signs that have been put up showing slanderous information regarding students seems to be taking it too far, and many parents are livid. Parents are now, pining for the days of waking up to "YOU SUCK" written on a windshield with soap.

Many of the nasty things written and posted by students could certainly be considered embarrassing at the very least, and life-ruining (for a teenager) at the worst. This type of blatant bullying can even go as far as being dangerous.

With teen suicides at an all-time high, bullying (cyber-bullying in particular) has been at the forefront of parent and guardian worries. The fact that these signs were out to be seen by the public really only brings to light the type of cyber bullying these kids have been putting up with in private.

Maybe it's time to address these types of rivalries, and try to reel them back to T-P-ing houses, and silly-stringing cars. The vicious personal attacks can only lead to un-needed hatred, depression, and possible violent retaliation.

Let's all remember that these are kids, and football is just a game. Football is pretty important in these parts, but not important enough to ruin a kid's high-school experience over.

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