This week we salute another Kiss Country service member who made the ultimate sacrifice, Sgt. Kevin Weiner of the United States Army National Guard. Take a few moments to read a little bit about Kevin and his family and show your support.

Sgt. Kevin Weiner
Sgt. Kevin Weiner

Our Service Member of the Week this week is the late Sgt. Kevin Weiner.  If you remember, Kevin was the soldier killed in September, when his Humvee, which was part of a convoy, was hit from behind by an 18 wheeler on I-49 near Natchitoches.  Kevin was only 30 years old, married to Monica and a father of 3 boys, Julian, Brayden and Ethan.  He had been a member of the Louisiana Army National Guard for more than 10 years and actually met Monica on his first tour in Iraq.  Monica said Kevin always did everything for them and wanted to be the best father he could be.  Even at the time of his death, Kevin was doing all he could to protect his fellow Louisiana citizens in the wake of Hurricane Isaac.


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