Drove by the gas pump this morning; literally, I drove by.  Didn't stop because I thought something was wrong with it.  Couldn't believe my eyes when the price showed 3.44 a gallon.  Seems like just last week it was only 3.31.  I make 3.31 sound cheap but we all know you still have to show collateral to get your weekly fuel "loan" even at 3.31...BUT 13 cents a gallon increase in just a few days.  To get a better grip on that, consider that's around a 4% increase IN ONE WEEK.  And it looks like gas prices aren't showing any signs of slowing down.  In fact, one month ago, the average price in Shreveport/Bossier was 3.26.  One year ago it was only 3.15.  Looks like experts who say gas will go to $5.00 per gallon by the summer might be right.  Anybody got a good used bicycle they want to sell?  To stay on top of where you can find the cheapest gas in the area, go to ShreveportGasPrices.com

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