A fire department in Louisiana has seen a baby boom over the last year and the results are absolutely adorable! Maybe there's something in the water in Zachary, LA, which is due north of Baton Rouge, but over the last 11 months, their department has seen seven deliveries by stork, or pelican rather, since they're more prevalent in our neck of the woods.

To commemmorate the auspicious occassion, the Zachary Fire Department posted these adorable photos to Facebook last week and the internet fell in love!

Congratulations to the highly prolific Zachary Fire Department, all of the newly minted families and the 'Lucky Zachary 7!': Harper Lord, Harrison Scout Walker, Luke Wilks, Gavin Zachary, Sydney Douglas, Heidi Anders and Cullyn Grace Phenald.

According to Fox News, the ZFD isn't the only department in the nation to experience a baby boom. Nine babies were born within the same fire department in Massachussettes as of last month and in Florida as of July, one department experienced nine births within ten months.

This pretty much proves that there's something sexy about a hero in uniform! Hubba! Hubba!

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