Just stepping foot onto the State Fair of Louisiana fairgrounds brings back years worth of memories! From my first time competing in a horse show to fair dates during later years, the fair holds a special place in my heart!

Everytime I run into Chris Giordano from the state fair, I always ask that he brings back the horse show facilities that were repurposed years ago. I got my first taste of competition as a child there while showing my horses. The fairgrounds were a child's paradise with tons of areas to explore while learning the importance of hard work while working with livestock and how to be a good sport, win or lose. Over the years I had more 4-H entries on display than I can remember and later I came to the fair to enjoy the lights, the rides and the midway with friends and dates. Is there anything more magical than riding the ferris wheel at night with all the lights?

As an adult, it was time to enjoy the food and attractions and watch the kids in our lives enjoy the same things we did. And who can forget tailgating over the years at numerous Independence Bowls or cheering on the Captains?

Yep, anytime I enter the gates of the State Fair of Louisiana fairgrounds I get nostalgic. So when I heard they were hosting Fair Food Drive-in Days, I knew I'd have to check it out. The event ran this Thursday, May 14th through today and was open from 11 am - 7 pm.

Despite the threat of rain, we were able to enjoy a taste of the fair! Sure, we got a little wet at one point, but it was worth it! The food and choices were great and everyone was super cognizant of social distancing as evidenced by the pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

State Fair Food Drive-in Days 2020

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