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With the dog days of summer upon us, Labor Day weekend coming up, and many other reasons that 2020 has graciously provided to indulge in adult beverages - officials are worried about us.  Specifically, the Shreveport Police and other local law enforcement agencies are concerned that the number of drunk drivers travelling in and around Shreveport is on the rise.

In response, the powers that be have decided to conduct a “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign.  Starting tomorrow, law enforcement will be putting extra time, resources, and effort into identifying impaired drivers - and getting them off of the road.  According to the Shreveport Times, this heightened focus on drunk drivers is funded by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.  The campaign is set to continue through Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 7th).

This push isn't just a Louisiana thing, either.  Our states push to keep residents safe from drunk drivers is part of much larger national campaign.  That being said, we need it more than a lot of states.  According to the CDC, not only does Louisiana exceed the country's average when it comes to deaths from drunk driving - were more likely to jump in the car after we've had too many.  Nationally, about 1.9% of the people surveyed said they were guilty of getting behind the wheel when they've had too much - for Louisiana, that number is 2.5%.

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