Though summer won't officially arrive until June 21, temperatures across Louisiana are already pushing into the lower 90's and it won't be long until it's even hotter than that.

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Not only does that blazing Louisiana sun bring on the sweltering heat, it also brings on it's own unique set of problems.

You might recall just a few years ago when a video from Idaho Power went viral after showing just how dangerous it is to leave a simple water bottle exposed to the sun in your vehicle.

And even though this might have occurred in the UK, the Nottingham Fire and Rescue Service has issued a new warning that would certainly be applicable to those of us right here in the Bayou State.

Apparently, just simply leaving your sunglasses on the dashboard of your vehicle could prove to be a dangerous and costly fire hazard as well. Those sunglasses can become just like a magnifying glass exposed to the sun and we know what happens when you do that.

While this instance involved a pair of sunglasses, certainly anything highly reflective like crystal drinking glasses or mirrors could prove to have the same devastating affects.

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