Dierks Bentley has had many looks over the years, but his recent look has many heads turning. Clearly 2018 will continue to be the year of the beard. Luckily for us, Dierks is making sure of it. Not only is Dierks Bentley debuting a new look in this music video he is giving us a taste of his upcoming album. Dierks Bentley has teased his new album "The Mountain" as a mix of his latest album "Black" and his blue grass styled album "Up on the Ridge" from 2010.

"Woman, Amen" is different but in the best of ways. The drumbeat has us thinking a chant is on the way, but instead the chorus leads into something that sounds like Dierks Bentley is yelling and singing from a mountain top. "Every night I should be on my knees Lord knows how lucky I am, I'll never say it near enough, Thank God for this woman, amen" His song is probably one of the most beautiful upbeat prayers I have heard in so long. Do you think this song will be Dierks next radio single?

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